24/7 Virtualdoc – Online medical advice when your employees need it


24/7 Virtualdoc is a supplement to the existing health care system, but
adapted to companies’ needs for flexibility and mobility. Online medical advice
when your employees need it – and not only when the doctor has time.

In practice, the workplace can make a “Health Station” available with
miscellaneous medical devices, that can be used remotely by the physicians to
make better assessments.

The service is available during working hours, but additional coverage can be

Legally 24/7 Virtualdoc provide the same services as general practitioners in
relation to referrals, prescriptions, etc.

All associated physicians are fully authorised by the proper authorities, and
with a minimum of 5 years experience. Medical specialists in general medicine
and a wide range of other specialties are associated.


On average, a person consult a general practitioner for a medical consultation
more than 6 times a year. Elderly and families with children visits the doctor more
frequently, women visit more often than men (and also live longer).

When an employee visits the doctor during working hours, the average absence to the
company could be 1/2 day – resulting in costs between EUR 130 – 1.300 depending
on the job and the way the cost of absence is calculated.

Our experience shows that approximately half of these inquiries can be solved via
an online video consultation.
In addition, consider the preventive health effect of fast and easy access to the
doctor, which the service may have for busy people who SHOULD go to the doctor, but
does not get it done.

Evidence reveals that even a single conversation with a doctor has a beneficial
effect on health regardless of whether you have symptoms or not. Probably motivated by
an awareness of good health, which of course is the starting point for a positive change in

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