Board of directors

Jens Erik Christensen: Chairman

Jens Erik Christensen is cand.act. (actuary). Jens Erik has a long career with several positions within the insurance industry including Managing Director of Royal Sun Alliance, EMEA, from 1998 to 2003 and CEO Codan Forsikring A/S, from 1999 to 2006.

Jens Erik Christensen is Chairman and board member of a number of companies besides Mediaxes, including Scandinavian Airlines Systems (SAS), Dansk Merchant Capital A/S, Danish Medical Doctor’s Pension Fund (Lægernes Pensionskasse and Lægernes Pensionsbank A/S), Banknordik A/S, AON Advisory Board, Skandia liv AB, Skandia liv A/S and the Danish Cancer Society.

Dr. Mynia Deeg: Member of the board

Dr. Mynia Deeg became a member of the board in 2013. She currently is responsible for business development and clinical research for the mHealth company Personal MedSystems (Germany). Throughout her career, she has worked in various sectors of the health care industry such as pharma, biotech, hospital and insurance industry. Having a broad international network and experience as a venture capitalist she supports Mediaxes in all matters regarding international expansion and financing. Dr. Mynia Deeg is a health economist with a PhD and master’s degree.

Mads Kjær Larsen: CEO and member of the board

Mads Kjær Larsen has a background from various IT and Internet companies, where he was involved in the start up phase as founder/co-founder and CEO. He established an IT distribution company in the late eighties, which grew to become the largest IT distributor in Scandinavia, representing 3COM, Hewlett Packard, Lotus development and other well known brands. Mads played a key role in the privatisation of a government consultancy/Internet organisation in 1997. Subsequently, Mads was appointed head of a new initiative in the Danish sportsconfederation/Olympic committee, to put all Danish sports on the Internet. The sportsportal grew to become one of the biggest portals in Denmark over 3 years. Before starting Doctorservice together with his wife, MD Anya Eidhammer, he was head of a CTI company in Sweden, setting up distribution worldwide through partners such as EADS Telecom and Aastra telecom.