Services – health check

Evidence reveals that even a single conversation with a doctor has a beneficial effect on health regardless of whether a patient has any symptoms or not. Probably motivated by an awareness of good health, which of course is the starting point for a positive change in behavior.

  • In addition to catch any diseases we know that a health check motivates clients to make an extra effort for their own health
  • A health check provides a variety of physical measurements (such as blood pressure, FVC, BMI, etc.)

Any health check is a unique opportunity for individuals to get a thorough overview of their physical- and psychological  health state. A motivational talk about healthy living can result in prospective lifestyle changes.

  • The Health check is easy to carry out and the various tests can be performed with a little help from a health professional
  • Test Duration approximately 10 minutes
  • Test values are reviewed by Mediaxes A/S healthcare professionals and feedback is provided on the spot

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