Services – telemedicine


Mypocketdoctor provides instant access 24/7 to doctors, in case of any health related problem anytime during the day especially while at work. Fast diagnosis and identification of the right treatment and personal medical support and advice is provided during the entire treatment process. The outcome is significant reductions in absence/waiting time and unnecessary treatments as well as greater personal security and relief.

  • Instant access to doctors via phone or videoconference tools
  • Doctors are completely unbiased and independent from financial interests
  • Doctors has access to your own medical profile for best treatment
  • Global service

In Scandinavia, an average person visit general practitioners for a medical consultation more than 6 times a year.

Our experience shows that approximately 80 % these consultations can be effectively dealt with via an online video consultation and/or phone consultation. In addition, consider the preventive health effect of fast and easy access to the doctor which the service may have for busy people who SHOULD go to the doctor, but do not get it done.

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